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Sarah Black – Inner Strength versus Outer Strength

Just Being Me!

I have had multiple people tell me how much I inspire and motivate them just by “being me” during a workout at Camp MissFits.  It completely floored me when a fellow MissFit first gave me such an honest compliment that wasn’t based on appearance or aptitude.  While I do work hard and give 100% effort most days, it’s great to be complimented on me just being ME!  This experience has caused me to reflect more on my motivations for coming to Camp MissFits every week versus my struggles with self-confidence, body image, and other personal insecurities.  Truly, how we view ourselves is NEVER the same as how others view us.

As far as the results I’ve seen, so far I’ve lost 10 pounds and 4 ½ inches…my arms are strong and toned, and I even get compliments on my butt from another MissFit buddy!  More importantly, I climbed SEVEN 14ers this past summer!  I know I’ve not only gotten stronger outwardly, but I’ve developed an inner strength that keeps me pushing forward towards my goals.  Through my experience at Camp MissFits, I have learned that you should always ask for help from the coaches, be sure to support and cheer on each other, and definitely never give up!

Lynne becomes a Lifer!

Lynne – “I can keep up with my kids and grand-kids.”

I started training at Camp MissFits because I was going to Europe and other parts of the world with my son, his wife, and my grand-kids.  It got put off for a while so I just kept coming to camp!  And finally, we went on our adventure!  Boy, I’m glad I did camp beforehand because we bike, hiked, and climbed everywhere…and I could keep up with them!

I’ve keep up my training at Camp MissFits because I never know what can happen with the grand-kids.  In fact, I’m thinking of doing a 14er with my daughter and them.

I’ve always been athletic.  Yet, at camp I’ve seen an increase in both my strength and stamina.  And I’m asthmatic.  But I’ve also seen an improvement in my breathing.  I didn’t realize my lungs could even get stronger!

Oh, by the way, I’m turning 74 this year…

(Lynne is our most senior boot camp member!)


Lisa – “I’ve come a long way from Day #1…”

Lisa and Jessica become Lifers at ICON Corporate Camp

When I first joined boot camp, I did so thinking I was in fairly good shape for my age (58) because I participated regularly throughout my adult life in some type of daily exercise routine and in various sports. I was honored that the ladies at our company invited me to join them in Coach Priscilla’s corporate boot camp and I welcomed the opportunity to get to know these incredibly beautiful, brilliant, and talented women on a more personal level.

Boy was I wrong about the shape I was in!

The first day of boot camp I almost passed out, couldn’t catch my breath, became sick to my stomach, and couldn’t complete the workout! All color had drained completely from my face and I even scared poor Priscilla with how bad of shape I was in! I thought about quitting due to how embarrassed I was, but how could I when my co-workers and Priscilla were encouraging me to persevere?

The camaraderie, fun, and support are priceless to me and make it less difficult to complete and work through the routines by Coaches Priscilla and Jessica. I truly look forward to working out each week to see how much I can improve.  Priscilla, her team, and my co-workers have changed my life for the better.  I am physically and emotionally in the best shape of my life and I thank Priscilla, Jessica, and my co-workers, for helping me be the best I can be.

Kathe Celebrates 1 Year at Camp MissFits

Kathe – “Those ladies missed out!”

Before I joined Camp MissFits, I was in Weight Training class for Women over 40 at Arapahoe Community College.  I really enjoyed it and hated to see it end.  The next logical step was to join the MissFits.  I really wanted the ladies in my weight training class to join MissFits with me.  I think they missed a great opportunity.

The coaches at Camp MissFits are all so personable.  You feel like you’re with friends right away.  It always impresses me that they remember everyone’s name.

I also like the nutrition classes that Priscilla offers and she keeps things interesting.  Since I start work at 5 a.m. every day, I have enough time to feed 3 cats and a dog, get myself ready and throw something together for breakfast and lunch.  But it’s a struggle for me to eat the right things by the end of my day.  I start out okay as long as I have a plan, but by dinnertime it’s easy for me to give in when it’s suggested to go somewhere for dinner.

The nutrition classes have helped me improve my eating habits, make better choices, and try new things!

Since my health is really important to me, I know I’m doing some really good things for myself by exercising with MissFits, participating in the nutrition classes and using the nutritional products from Usana Health Sciences recommended by Priscilla.

Thank you to the coaches at Camp MissFits.  There are times that I don’t feel like exercising but once I get to camp, I forget all about that.  Oh, and the exercise has been great for helping my golf swing too!


Deborah reach Lifer status with Camp MissFits

Deborah – “Our corporate boot camp with Camp MissFits has been a great experience.”

When I don’t feel like going to our building’s fitness center for boot camp, one of my coworkers inevitably comes to my door. The camaraderie and accountability I have with my coworkers really helps my motivation. Plus, Coaches Priscilla and Jessica are also awesome at keeping our motivation high with their workouts and advice.

I’ve gotten lots of positive comments from my husband, I much more energy, strength, and muscle tone. In fact, I recently went to Italy and compared the pictures of myself in sleeveless tops to my first Italy trip and WOW, I could see a huge difference! I can see muscle! My arms are much more toned. Having boot camp at work has been great experience.”

ICON Corporate Boot Camp "Lifer"


Wendy – “I’ve done this Corporate Boot Camp for over a year because…

I love Priscilla! I love the ladies in our corporate camp! AND also because I am in the best shape I have ever been in!
My arms have definition and even the muscle tone in my legs is starting to pop! I have never been an athlete, and now I actually sort of consider myself one and am proud of what I have achieved.

Boot camp is fun, a great way to connect with friends and to push yourself to the next level. Believe me, if it wasn’t for boot camp, I would never have gotten to this level of fitness. You just don’t push yourself working out on your own like you do when you have coaches and your peers cheering you on! MissFits keeps me inspired, on track and entertained!

We still have a little shop talk during camp, but mostly we laugh and let our hair down from the stresses at work during our lunchtime. In the past, most of us probably would have been spending that time eating out instead of at the gym. But now we are accountable and would rather workout anyway. Thank you MissFits coaches!

Lonnie – “From a very young age I have always been active:

…basketball, track, you name it, I was involved. I joined the Air Force after I graduated where I thought I went through the toughest physical regimen of my life (little did I know, I was wrong!) I had to stay active in the military by running, doing push ups, sit ups, etc. I went to the gym probably 5-6 days a week where I was just unfocused. When I would go, it was easiest to do cardio so I would always get on my elliptical, my treadmill, or spin bike. I knew what to do with weights, but avoided them, or I just thought cardio was easier. Granted, I was in very good shape – I just did not have the strength I have now. I would wander around the gym not really knowing what I wanted to do, and did not have a routine, not to mention that I would always stop when I realized, “this hurts!”

When I got out of the military, I had a baby and started school, and although I never got overweight, I was inactive for two years. Then I signed up for Coach Terri’s spin class which was great, but I only worked out two days a week. At least I was starting to get back into a routine, which was good. Terri asked me over and over to just try the Bootcamp. I remember thinking…”Um… No… Later… That looks hard.” Haha! So I kept coming up with excuses on why not to.

Finally after a year, I caved. The first night of camp I could hardly breathe – and I thought I was in fairly good shape. When I got home, it hurt so bad to brush my teeth, put conditioner in my hair, and sit on the toilet. I was thinking I was miserable but in a good kind of way! Bootcamp has gotten me to a level of fitness I never would have gotten to otherwise, because it’s all the things I would never ever wanted to do on my own, and IF I did, I would stop well before hand, because it HURTS. It’s become addictive and I’ve loved the results.

After just a month, I saw huge improvements in my strength and, for once, I’ve gotten toned! With literally no weights other than five or ten pound dumbbells or resistance bands, I’ve been shocked in a good way and I’ve realized that without Bootcamp I would never see the results I ultimately want. Even my lazy days at Bootcamp (we all have them), are better than what I would have done on my own.

So, to anyone that thinks it’s too hard, it is, but you CAN do it! You will be surprised with how much more you have left, even when you think you are done. That’s why I keep going…to finally see the results…and to do things I would never otherwise do at that level of intensity. Plus, all the girls and the coaches tend to become like a family, and I love that too!

Charlotte & her hubby - her #1 fan!

Charlotte – “After retiring from Corporate America,

I decided not to return but instead to find a position that had low stress and was enjoyable. With encouragement from friends and my husband, I became a certified aqua fitness instructor. My concern was my weight; I’ve been overweight for years. Therefore, I felt I was not portraying the fitness instructor image. I enrolled in a weight loss nutrition program and lost 85 pounds. However, the problem for me is maintenance. In the summer of 2010, I was fortunate to win a free month with Camp MissFits – this was the best prize I’ve ever won.

After the free month, I enrolled and have attained Life Member status after having done it for a whole year. The sessions are enjoyable, while challenging – so that I have to work hard. The camaraderie is great in that everyone is working to achieve a healthy body and lifestyle. This has been proven by my entering the Spring Fitness Challenge and placing third. My weight is being maintained and my body is more. I’ve also gained new friends, encouraged others to enroll, and I especially feel great after each workout and beyond. Thank you Priscilla and your staff.”


Andi – “Since graduating from college

and finishing my college volleyball career, it’s been difficult to find a workout program. Over time, I felt that I was losing that strong, competitive, and motivating person I once was. Growing up playing sports, I’ve always had someone pushing me when I couldn’t do it myself.

Terri and and Priscilla have never let me get away with less than I am able in any of our workouts. I remember with in my first few weeks of starting, I was doing a few regular push ups and then going to me knees for the rest. Terri was pushing me to do more, but I told her I wasn’t strong enough to carry my big body. She said,

‘You’ve got to change the record in your head.’

That statement really struck a cord and I began pushing myself further each day. I went from being able to do 5 push ups when I started to 30! I’ve also lost about 20 pounds. Most importantly, I’ve gained a group of women who push me to be better, provide accountability, and have helped me regain the person I was.

Wing – “With my mom’s sickness

and getting out of an abusive relationship, on top of going through school and final exams on very little sleep, the MissFits are a great community and group of women who support me. Working out has also really helped me with my stress level, I have a higher self-esteem, and I’ve put on more muscle so that I’m feeling great, really healthy, and do more physical activities. I wasn’t even very active before starting camp, but I’ve now achieved new goals.

I couldn’t swim before and now I’m certified in scuba. I’ve tried yoga and martial arts. And I even hiked my first 14er with Coach Donna, which was a great achievement! Despite dealing with a torn miniscus during all of these activities, I’ve been able to seen results. I just don’t push too hard if I have pain and have learned to manage it. I just feel better overall. This camp has been great for me.”

Lesley before...


Lesley with Carrie - ICON Corporate Camp founders!


Lesley – “I was surprised that I won the ICON contest!

I’ve been working at my goals for a while but in the last year, I was able to lose about 15 pounds and 5 inches by sticking to a healthy diet and nutrition plan, coming to boot camp, and committing to exercising 3-5 times per week. I’ve been working out with the ladies at ICON, our corporate boot camp, and also on my own. I’ve had a lot of support at home, at work, and from my friends which has been a huge help – and I couldn’t have done it without Priscilla’s encouragement – she is awesome!


“Lifetime MissFit” Alma – I have been an avid gym goer for many years.

Day after day I would wake up and go to the gym. But my routine became BORING because I grew tired of the same thing day after day. Plus, I was not getting results I wanted. I then decided to google BOOT CAMPS. I found Camp MissFits and another camp. I tried them both. They both were very different as far as the actual workout, although the prices were comparable. The deal breaker was that Priscilla was more personable. So, my journey began in the summer of 2010.

I enjoy the camps and I love the people – especially having a coach there to either push me or let me be (depending upon my mood). The coaches are awesome because they are also interested in you as an individual.

I also enjoy the Usana products. I found myself feeling sluggish and not giving a full 100 percent effort at the camps. So, I have started drinking the Nutrimeal shakes – especially having one in the morning and it does me wonders.

Wendy, Kristen, and Mechelle – These ladies finished their 5 week training in our first-ever Rapid Fat Loss semi-private training group. This is a hard-core, serious, intensely committed 3-5 member group that gets amazing results! These ladies set the bar HIGH for anyone coming after them.

Kristen and Mechelle each lost 6 inches! Be inspired by their video testimonial:


Great job, ladies!

Kristy – Our 2011 Spring Fitness Challenge 1st Place Winner was asked what her “Why” was with regards to her goals. Here’s her response:

Beginning of 8 Week Challenge

“My ‘why’ is because why not?! I feel so much better now that I’ve lost some weight and have my energy back. Even though I’m only half way through my weight loss journey I know the key to keeping the weight off for good is making it part of my lifestyle and I think and hope I’m doing that. Losing my father to heart disease at such a young age has really made me realize the importance of taking care of your body and not taking it for granted. I have learned to love exercise again and eating foods that make me feel great after I eat them, not tired, bloated and sluggish like I used to feel.

Kristy lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks!

Staying healthy is going to be a long life battle for me, so I’m just going to keep eating well, exercising, and pushing myself to try to live the healthiest life I possibly can! The last few weeks I have come to realize how much I really enjoy how I feel after a good workout and it has motivated me to workout more and try different classes at the gym to challenge my body. I look forward to seeing how I’ve improved in the last 8 weeks.”

Here’s how she improved! TWENTY POUNDS GONE in 8 Weeks! A big congratulations to you, Kristy!


Veronica – “I feel so much stronger!

And my belly doesn’t jiggle anymore when I run! My mentality has changed, too. When I thought my 5K race was too hard, because it was mostly uphill, I just kept thinking of all the times in bootcamp that I didn’t think I could finish – and I pushed through. Oh, and I also heard you and Terri telling me to finish strong in my head! The biggest thing I learned is to push yourself to make the time to train. You can make time for anything if you schedule it and make it a priority.

Initially, I really wanted to drop some weight before me trip back home to AK. However, I am actually feeling like my old self again from before a disasterous time in my life. I am feeling healthier, more energetic; I’m more active getting out every chance I can, as opposed to just being a couch potato, and after being diagnosed with Rhematoid Arthrits my energy level dropped tremendously. I now have the energy level and am not tired or fatigued at all – which is how I used to be. So for me, losing weight is great but feeling this good is WAY better than any number on the scale!!!”

Jill – “I have read multiple ‘studies’

…that have shown that people who are single or who became single because of a divorce or break-up are more physically fit then those in ‘marital bliss.’ The thought behind this statement, is once people are married or ‘off the market,’ they tend to let themselves go.

Well, for me, this was so true. In 2010, I ended a relationship and found myself ‘on the market’ again. I started working hard at the gym and just wasn’t seeing any results. After complaining about this to a co-worker of mine, she gave me Priscilla’s information and told me her success story after working with her years before. The price was right and the desire was there. I started my year with MissFits by participating in the spring challenge. I worked hard, read the book, followed the diet and got lots of friends, family and co-workers to VOTE FOR JILL every day! As a result, I won 1st place.

I continued with MissFits, attending 3 – 4 session each week. The group is a great support network and highly motivational. I have gotten back into biking and hiking since I started workingout with MissFits, two activities that fell off to the side during my previous relationship. This year has been a great step in the right direction for me. I am happier, healthier and excited for what’s to come next!”

Robin – “My family worked hard but didn’t exercise

and “self care” was selfish or lazy. Eating healthy or doing stuff for “you” was low on the list. Others came first, always. Then it hit me, my grandma is alive at 94 – her parents lived to be over 103 – but their bodies gave out long before their minds. I wanted to be different.

I bought my condo with the idea that the nice workout room was handy and I’d willingly go there. During 2 1/2 years, I went to work out maybe 8 times. Finally, I realized I needed a boost and someone to be accountable to. My chiropractor got me strong enough in mind and body to try Camp MissFits with Priscilla. The encouragement of the other women and Priscilla’s (and her trainers’) creativity for the exercises made it fun (like basketball with the big exercise ball) and the variety of exercises keeps it interesting.

Being frugal and since I was paying for someone to make sure I exercise with proper form, I HAD to make it priority.

HOWEVER, in the last four months, my mindset changed from a ‘I paid for it, so got to do it’ to ‘this is important for my well-being and wellness.’ It was a ‘self-care’ move FOR ME – the only body I have to live in!

In January, I emailed Priscilla and shared that I had already gone through my calendar and blocked out the time every Saturday for her boot camp, and that I had made that commitment to myself – I’m glad I did!

By the way, my goal wasn’t weight loss, but to get stronger and healthier. But the results are that I have lost between 10-15 pounds and 2 pant sizes, and now I have noticeable bicep muscles and my abs are firmer! And I only go once a week.”

Nancy – “Prior to joining Camp MissFits, my exercising regime included cardio

at the gym 2 to 3 days a week and running a few miles every weekend. Since turning 40, I noticed that it was ever more challenging to get ‘in shape’ through my workout regime, not to mention the boredom I was feeling doing the same exercises every week. I am so happy to have found MissFits! I LOVE the variety of the workouts, the positive motivation I receive from the coaches, and the camaraderie with a great group of women who make showing up at 6 am every other morning worth it! I am definitely stronger and in better shape than I have been in years. Thank you to Priscilla, Donna, and to all of the awesome MissFits coaches for continually challenging me and helping me meet my fitness goals.”


Mika – “I like the energy and camaraderie of Camp MissFits.

Our most "senior" MissFit! We're so proud of you, Mika!

The people are friendly and this program encourages me to do more than I’d usually do on my own because I’m undisciplined. As you get older, you really need to exercise because you get so stiff – the workouts help my flexibility. I’ve also lost a lot of inches and can feel it in my clothes. Just the other day, a funny thing happened: My husband turned to me in bed, patted my stomach, and said, “Boy that’s getting hard!” Not bad for a gal over 70!

Carol – “I started with Camp MissFits by doing the Spring Fitness Challenge in 2010. The Challenge really motivated me to get results so I attended more than twice a week when I began. Seeing the same girls, the coaches who motivated me, and of course seeing the results, has kept me going. I didn’t join to lose weight, but I wanted to get stronger (and do more than 2-5 pushups on my knees). I’ve noticed more muscle tone – especially in my waist and measurements – and more energy throughout the day.

I also still take Usana’s vitamins and I’m eating more fruits and veggies, which I was terrible at before! I used to grab something fast, whatever was in my fridge. But, I cleaned out my cabinets, threw the bad stuff away, and now my son even joins me in having Usana’s shakes with fruit in them in the morning for breakfast.

Some nights, when I’m tired, I still say to myself, “I don’t feel like I can do this.” But then I get to camp and I CAN do it!”

Lesley – “I don’t do well working out at a gym on my own. Accountability is a big thing for me. At Camp MissFits, I like the camaraderie of the other ladies (sharing the “pain” together), the motivation of the coaches, and the increased level of strength I’ve seen. I also enjoy listening to the wonderful stories and updates on Priscilla’s sagas while I work out…it makes it fun. This is not a group of buff women who run marathons, but of ladies from different ends of the spectrum. The coaches adapt to injuries and different levels of ability, so come try it because there’s no risk!”

Margaret – “When my dear friend Rachel asked me to come to boot camp over a year ago, I was very skeptical. However, after one time, I realized what a perfect fit MissFits was for me.

I run three businesses and have two young children, and finding time to get over to the gym never happened (aside from the fact that the gym is BORING).

The fun, the conversation, and the support I feel at Camp MissFits has been a true blessing to me!  Thanks to everyone who has helped me commit to a lifetime of health and happiness.”


Shauna – “The sessions at Camp MissFits give me something to look forward to. They help me relieve stress, are very motivating, and I really enjoy the other ladies. The coaches are wonderful – they’re helpful and motivating. While they do challenge me, they’re not intimidating, like telling me that I’m not pushing hard enough or going fast enough. Camp helps me stay grounded, focused on being healthy, and keeping up with the lifestyle change that I have made. I love doing this every week.”


The very first Wash Park Lifetime Member!

Samantha – “I enjoy attending Camp MissFits, meeting new people, and working out with all the girls. There are many times and days to choose from that work with my schedule. The camp makes me push myself to the next level and the coaches provide inventive workouts (indoor/outdoor) and just the right amount of support for every fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). The coaches continually remind you of your goal, which pushes you even harder during the workout. In addition to feeling better about my body (I’m currently wearing my favorite jeans from high school), my shopping habits and eating have improved. I’m not as tired at work and I feel that I can accomplish more throughout the day. I have received several compliments from family and friends.Priscilla is dedicated to knowing her clients and pushing them to their max. I will never forget our workout in Wash Park on one of those hit or miss rainy days. The rain started to come down harder towards the end of the workout. However, Priscilla isn’t the type to not let you quit because of a little rain. I screamed at her at the top of my lUngs, “What are we DOING??!!!” She simply stated, “We are working out in the rain. We have to get you ready for your beach wedding.” I couldn’t believe that it was POURING down rain and we were still doing burpees! Even though we were all drenched, it felt great to know that all the girls were pushing each other through the workout. Thank you Priscilla, Terri, and Ryan for all the butt-kicking workouts! I would not feel the way I do without your support! Many, many, many thanks!!!”

Linda – “WOW! What a difference a year can make. I wanted to see what my 60 year old body could do with dedicated trainers, Priscilla and Terri. It made a huge difference – I dropped 2 dress sizes and 20 pounds! I feel great. I’m focused and happy. Thank you, Priscilla and Terri. You have made a huge difference in my health and happiness.”

Rhonda – “I love how everyone gets along and how we miss those that are not there. I also love how we can joke around, yet be serious too. It took a long time for me to try the nutrition program with Usana Health Sciences, even with a lot of friendly pressure from Priscilla. She was concerned for me, and she knew that it would be a good way to help me get on the weight loss track. But, as we all know, it doesn’t matter what health plan you have tried – you have to be in the right frame of mind to try it and be willing to stick with it. When I finally did, I have to say that I was very impressed with the results.

I have maintained what I lost from being on Usana’s RESET program, even though I’m not as strict as I was while being on it. I was also shocked that the shakes and bars tasted good. It’s not that I didn’t trust everyone but we all have different views on how things taste and I’m very picky with chocolate. After trying Usana, I would recommend it to others and suggest to not wait as long as I did. When it comes to fitness, I have noticed a difference in my strength and how I feel when I am going to the boot camp on a regular basis.

I love Terri “the Terror”; she knows just how to get you in the mood even when you are not. She knows how to push you, and does it in a way that makes you want to do more even when you think you can’t. Thank you, Terri and Priscilla. You both are great trainers and care very much about your MissFits. Thanks for your encouragement along the way and all the other campers who helped me as well.”


Carrie – “When I work out on my own, I’m lazy and don’t push myself (‘wow, that was a tough 5 minutes on the treadmill’). Having a commitment with my friends and colleagues at our Corporate Boot Camp really motivates me to go and work out hard on a regular basis. Going to camp makes me push myself to the next level…now I just need to master the eating part and I’ll be on my way…

Seriously, MissFits has been such a great experience for me. I have really gotten stronger over the last two years. While the way I feel is definitely a perk, teasing Coaches Priscilla and Ryan makes camp even that much better! I love being part of our ICON ‘Pampered’ Camp! Thanks MissFits!”


Jaclyn – “When I first started working out with Camp MissFits it was to lose weight for my wedding. All I thought about were pounds and inches – my goals were all number-oriented. Now, about a year and a half later, my goals have changed and I have accomplished things that I didn’t know I even wanted to do!

I had an amazing time training these last few months on Sunday mornings and running farther than I ever imagined I could go. Last month, I ran “Run the Rocks” – a 5K at Red Rocks Amphitheater – and my first race ever. I’m proud of myself, not only because I did something to help me physically, but mostly because I was scared to do it and overcame my fear. I feel like this is just the beginning, so look out!”


Melissa – “When I met Priscilla in February, 2010, I had just lost over 30 pounds, but was terribly out of shape. I started bootcamp to help me tone up my body. Seven months later, I have just completed my first half marathon. I didn’t even like to run before.

Priscilla’s training and constant support have made a huge difference in my health and my life. Thanks MissFits and Priscilla for everything you do!”



Deanna – “At Camp MissFits, I’ve enjoyed meeting ladies from all walks of life and have made friendships that I’ll keep forever. The camp members and coaches provide an open, friendly environment, which motivates me and keeps me focused. I like that you can participate at whatever your fitness level: the more advanced members don’t look down on you or make you feel bad if you’re a beginner. Plus, the coaches provide three levels of difficulty in the exercises and that has been great for me, especially because most of the vertebrae in my back (except for five) are fused. Through this training I have learned my own limits and the coaches have also helped me with stretches and modifications. I really appreciated the times that Coach Ryan has stayed late after camp to show me stretches and also, the Corrective Stretch class with foam rolling has helped me a lot with flexibility.

Some ladies are intimidated by the word ‘boot camp.’ But if i can do this, anybody can! We’re not pushed beyond our limits and I feel so much better.”

The longest, “oldest” MissFit: Dianna

“So why have I stayed with Miss Fit Boot Camps for three years?

Over the years, I have tried fitness classes, video tapes, gyms, weights at home. I never joined a gym because I knew I wouldn’t keep going without someone standing over me telling exactly what to do. Nothing seemed to work for me…until I found Camp MissFits.

What’s different about this boot camp is pretty simple…it’s the Director…Miss Priscilla. She pours her heart and soul into it and she is truly committed to making her program fit each individual’s needs. She is able to be attentive to each person while teaching an entire class. It’s like having a personal trainer while enjoying the company of many interesting women, each one being at their own level…and it’s FUN!!! She also has great incentives!

Over the last three years, I have seen Priscilla grow her business. I think she now has five trainers and they have all been great as well. I will continue this wonderful fitness program as long as I am able. I have to say that, physically, I am the best shape that I have ever been in my life. After all, I am the oldest, longest member of Camp MissFits!

Christine – “Camp MissFits has helped me lose 45 pounds and 3 pant sizes.

I need the motivation from the coaches and other camp members…because if I don’t come, I don’t work out! My grocery shopping habits and eating have improved and even my daughters’ eating has gotten better…they’ll have to buy junk food with their own money now! I love the variety, the ladies, and the friendly competition. Plus, I feel awesome.”

Cathy – “I feel much firmer and my abs feel tighter

…and I’ve seen results despite my injuries. I have tried for years to motivate myself on my own. And, in other classes I’ve tried, the instructors don’t get to know you or injuries you may have. The coaches are really good at modifying exercises and anybody can do this, even if you’re out of shape when you start. I love the people here. You just have to take the plunge!”

Kelly – “I was always involved in sports when I was young.

Being active was always part of my daily routine. As the years went by, so did my fitness level. I could feel myself losing strength and my core was non-existent.

My first six weeks of camp I lost 5 inches off of my waist. The coaches have kept me motivated with creative workouts and lots of support. The work is hard but I have experienced fantastic results.”



Rachel – “I was fed up with the way I looked.

I had major self-esteem issues and wasn’t happy with how I felt about myself because of being heavier. And I definitely wasn’t happy with the way I ate. I knew I needed to work out and get on a program that taught me how to eat healthy – and most importantly, I knew that I needed to do this for myself not anyone else.

And then I found the MissFits! Although it was difficult starting out, I stuck with their nutrition and exercise program and it gradually became a lot easier. Priscilla taught me a lifestyle that I could follow. Now, if I gain a couple pounds back, I know exactly how to lose it. I feel so much better about myself…no more double chin, YAY!”



Laura – “In the fall of 2007, I saw an email from Arapahoe Community College about a fitness group that was starting up and I joined the “MissFits.” Since that time, the coaches have pushed me to my limits. I am down 40 pounds, as well as three dress sizes. I continue to attend the Saturday boot camp and follow a low glycemic diet, which has been nothing but the best for me. I also love the camaraderie among all of the campers; we seem to push each other to new heights. I am committed to continuing my journey until I reach my goal!”

Laura Wins 3rd Place in 2010 Spring Fitness Challenge

Sarah – “I’ve lost about 40 pounds and feel great! More importantly, I have really learned to love myself in this process.”

Brenda – “The boot camps have helped me push harder than if I worked out at the gym alone. I have not only lost over 30 pounds, I also have a higher self-esteem. I feel stronger not only physically but mentally. My family and coworkers have all noticed the change. My EMT at work said, ‘You’re a mere shadow of yourself!’ And one night, when we went out, my secretary (who happens to be a young guy), said, ‘Brenda, you are HOT!’ Even my patients say I don’t look my age and the doctors tell me I look great.

I also feel like I’m a stronger advocate for my patients because I feel good about myself. I no longer put myself down like I used to and am not so hard on myself anymore. If I fail at making a good eating choice, I just start again. I appreciate Priscilla’s commitment to me and the other camp ladies.”

Leslie – “I started boot camp about a year ago. I’ve lost two dress sizes, and although I have never been willing to show my arms in the past, it’s the first time in my life that I can wear a tank top confidently. In fact, last Christmas, I even went to a party in a strapless dress! I’m also more athletic with my kids and can actually run with my son. And because I’m in boot camp, it’s even inspired my husband to get in better shape! I’m not even a morning person but the results have helped me stay motivated to show up and work out with my fellow MissFits at ACC at 6 am.”

Claire – Thank you for your commitmnt to us. It truly helps me stay committed to a fitness routine that pushes me past the boundaries that I would normally set for myself! I will always advocate for a program where I see results – whether on me or on another member of the group! Many, many thanks.”

Kara – “I’ve lost 17 pounds and I feel better overall – healthier, more fit, less stressed. I’m doing something for me. The program exceeds my expectations. Priscilla has created a challengng, fun, positive fitness class that packs so much variety into each session.”

Jaclyn – “I met Priscilla at a bridal show and did her bridal boot camp package. The biggest difference I have noticed is in every-day stuff. I can walk up three flights of stairs and not be out of breath. I was in good health on my wedding day and I know this is because of using Usana’s supplements and low glycemic shakes. On my honeymoon, we went snorkeling and hiking, and my husband was dragging behind me, ha! The boot camps provide great emotional and physical support – I like the ladies and have made new friends. Also, everyone is at a different level, so I don’t feel guilty if I’m having a slow day. Plus, when I’m doing really well, people notice!”

Diane – “I have met a bunch of great people (the members and the coaches) at Camp MissFits. I love the group camaraderie…because I wouldn’t come to the gym by myself. And of course, it’s an awesome workout – otherwise I wouldn’t still be here after a year!”

Linda – “I absolutely love going to “Boot Camp” I look forward to seeing all my friends so early in the morning – it gets me out of bed! I’ve worked out my whole life but I’ve never felt this strong before. I can really see the results (my husband has noticed too!). Thanks so much Priscilla and all the boot camp instructors.”

Staci – “I really love boot camp and what it has done for me. Although I have played sports most of my life I have never done any ongoing strength-based training and I love feeling stronger and more toned. And – boot camp has given me more endurance and more strength for sports. An extra bonus!”

Will your stories join theirs?