Priscilla Friedlander, Owner & Founder

Coach Priscilla founded Holistic Health in 2006.

Originally from the Bay Area, California, she moved to Colorado to pursue a Masters degree at Denver Seminary. While seeking to get hit on the head with a Divine Frying Pan, looking for the answer to her calling in life, she had an epiphany to start a business that took a whole-life approach to health in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and body image.

Besides directing Camp MissFits®, Priscilla is a public speaker and writer, conducting low glycemic nutrition and cooking classes, as well as body image seminars. Due to her personal struggles with body image and learning whole-life fitness, she is passionate about empowering others to fit living.

Priscilla’s programs have been featured in publications such as the Denver Post, Littleton Independent, Denver Daily News, Denver Business Journal, Rocky Mountain Sports, KLZ 560AM, and 9 News.
She loves doing fun, creative workouts that put new spins on training and take the sometimes-drudgery out of exercise.  Her hope is that her passion for fit living inspires others to pursue optimal health.

Terri Billings, Coach

Why Coach Terri (“the Terror”) Loves the Ladies of Camp MissFits™

Coach Terri exudes warmth and love to our camp ladies.  Yet, at the same time, she’s tough…earning the nickname “Terri the Terror.” She leads incredibly challenging workouts that not only get amazing results, but are often rewarded with surprise, nutritious goodies that Terri makes for post-workout snacks!

Terri has a B.S. degree in Food and Nutrition and is certified with ISSA. She’s very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and helping her family do the same. Since she grew up on a ranch in California, she has always had an active lifestyle, although she personally understands the challenges of incorporating exercise and healthy eating as a daily routine. She lives in Littleton, CO, and enjoys activities such as horseback riding, bike riding, rollerblading, and camping with her husband and two daughters.


Jessica Gerard, Coach

Coach Jessica is a strong, high-energy, “all or nothing” trainer

She helps our campers and clients see results as they overcome their personal hurdles.She has been a National Association of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer for over three years and has been an aerobics instructor for 6 years. She is a strong believer of the mind-body connection, and feels that good physical health is directly correlated to good mental and emotional health. She values dedication and hard work towards fitness, nutrition, and long-term happiness, hoping to instill these values in her clients.

Jessica is a Nebraska native.  When she’s not training others, she’s often training herself and enjoying the outdoors – often doing extremely hard-core workouts with her boyfriend and a group of super fit friends.  She somehow manages to fit in her budding career in social work and group therapy, furthering her pursuit of helping others achieve mind-body health.