Week 3: Cut Costs & Calories at the Supermarket!

Hello ladies!

It’s Week #3 and we’re going to have a fantastic week!

This week our focus is on becoming wise shoppers at the supermarket. People often say that eating healthy is expensive. That isn’t necessarily true.

Our nutrition strategy session will be Supermarket Saver: Cutting Costs & Calories. You will become very savvy at shopping in a way that helps your waistline and wallet!

And be sure to join our Supermarket tour on Tuesday! We extended the St. Patty’s 50% Off Special through today so invite a friend or family member to join you!

They can still register here: http://supermarketsaver.eventbrite.com

Please share this week on how you plan to improve your shopping habits so you move closer to your goals! Comment below. Have a great week!

Week #2: Conquer Your Cravings

You have made it through Week 1 – yippee!

Now that you’re becoming masters at meal-planning, it’s time to figure out how to eat and plan for your metabolism type. We will be discussing metabolism types and curbing cravings in our Nutrition Strategy Session this week. Please invite a friend or family member to join you (Remember, it’s only $15/class or they can watch the video and receive the materials in the comfort of their home).

Question of the Week: What do you crave most and how to you plan to take control over your cravings this week?

Post your comments and positive affirmations below!

How A Woman Should Look

Over the weekend, I was browsing around different fitness blogs. A post of one fitness expert really caught me by surprise. I was disappointed to see the “behind the scenes” videos of her recent photo shoot.

This expert, whom I’ll call Sarah in order to protect her reputation (because this week’s post aside, I’ve always admired her), filmed a video explaining the process of getting photo-ready. As she was talking, she was getting extensions clipped into her hair. She also noted how long it took to get her make-up done and that she got spray-tanned.

Sarah looked amazing, with her chiseled abs popping out for all to admire. Who would blame her for getting her hair and makeup done so she’d look her absolute best for the shoot? We know that all models spend a lot of time primping before their photos are taken, so this wasn’t what bothered me most (since it’s just what you do in the industry).

What really upset me was one comment that a fan posted in response to her video. I should mention that it is a GUY who said this: “You look perfect! Just like a woman should look!”

If, as a woman, you saw Sarah’s physique, you might indeed say to yourself, “I wish I looked like her.” However, Sarah does NOT look the way all women should look! (Especially considering her spray tan, make-up, and hair extensions, on top of her low body fat and “competition ready” body)!

For one thing, most women cannot devote the hours of training and extremely restricted eating regimen required in order to attain 15% body fat for a chiseled body.

Second, “perfect” is pretty much impossible for women to attain. And (sorry guys), leave it to a man to say that it’s how a woman should look!

A woman should look healthy, strong, and vibrant. This can mean different things to different women. If a woman looks fit but has a little belly bulge or a few pounds to lose or a few wrinkles and gray hair (or perhaps lots of them), this doesn’t mean that she isn’t beautiful.

Women shouldn’t allow themselves to compare their figures to the hot air-brushed models on magazine covers, or even the perfect-looking fitness celebrities whose careers depend upon their toned physiques.

Women should define “healthy” with how they feel – both physically and emotionally. Perfection is a body destination to which we’ll never arrive, so we must learn to be content while we’re on the journey towards a healthier, fitter body.

You define how YOU should look. Don’t let magazines, men, your mother, or even fitness experts tell you what that is.

Committed to your success,


Week #1: Mastering Meal Planning

Hello Challengers and friends!

This is our first week of our Multiply Your Motivation nutrition series and we’re excited!

Our focus is to become a MASTER at Meal Planning.

Planning ahead is absolutely KEY to your long-term success. So, this week, make planning a priority!

Remember to invite your partner, parent, or friend to join you in our series. They can register at this link:


They can also “test-drive” our class tonight so they can see what it’s all about first! Just let us know. (We’ll have the class video available tomorrow by noon and it will be emailed to you).

Week 1 Question:

Where do you struggle when it comes to planning and how will you work to overcome those hurdles this week?

Please share below! We encourage you to share your ideas with others who comment as well!