How A Woman Should Look

Over the weekend, I was browsing around different fitness blogs. A post of one fitness expert really caught me by surprise. I was disappointed to see the “behind the scenes” videos of her recent photo shoot.

This expert, whom I’ll call Sarah in order to protect her reputation (because this week’s post aside, I’ve always admired her), filmed a video explaining the process of getting photo-ready. As she was talking, she was getting extensions clipped into her hair. She also noted how long it took to get her make-up done and that she got spray-tanned.

Sarah looked amazing, with her chiseled abs popping out for all to admire. Who would blame her for getting her hair and makeup done so she’d look her absolute best for the shoot? We know that all models spend a lot of time primping before their photos are taken, so this wasn’t what bothered me most (since it’s just what you do in the industry).

What really upset me was one comment that a fan posted in response to her video. I should mention that it is a GUY who said this: “You look perfect! Just like a woman should look!”

If, as a woman, you saw Sarah’s physique, you might indeed say to yourself, “I wish I looked like her.” However, Sarah does NOT look the way all women should look! (Especially considering her spray tan, make-up, and hair extensions, on top of her low body fat and “competition ready” body)!

For one thing, most women cannot devote the hours of training and extremely restricted eating regimen required in order to attain 15% body fat for a chiseled body.

Second, “perfect” is pretty much impossible for women to attain. And (sorry guys), leave it to a man to say that it’s how a woman should look!

A woman should look healthy, strong, and vibrant. This can mean different things to different women. If a woman looks fit but has a little belly bulge or a few pounds to lose or a few wrinkles and gray hair (or perhaps lots of them), this doesn’t mean that she isn’t beautiful.

Women shouldn’t allow themselves to compare their figures to the hot air-brushed models on magazine covers, or even the perfect-looking fitness celebrities whose careers depend upon their toned physiques.

Women should define “healthy” with how they feel – both physically and emotionally. Perfection is a body destination to which we’ll never arrive, so we must learn to be content while we’re on the journey towards a healthier, fitter body.

You define how YOU should look. Don’t let magazines, men, your mother, or even fitness experts tell you what that is.

Committed to your success,



  1. I think it shouldn’t be how you feel rather than how you look. The media has lots to do with what the “perfect” woman looks like. Today super models are rail thin and girls are starving themselves. Marilyn Monroe was beautiful and curvy and was the same size (12) as the average woman, not a size 2!! Some women want to look like “Sarah” and good for them, but personally I think it’s a lil much. Like you said its impossible to be perfect and we can go crazy trying to be! To me looking good is about being healthy and working out (at Camp MissFits)!

  2. We all don’t want to look like these women but pictures like this are what set the standards for how we are “supposed” to look and drive us to want to work out and “look better” instead of focusing on just being healthy.

  3. I’m sorry, yes she is ripped, but she is just standing there! I would rather see her in action. I am impressed by some of the women on my dragonboat team. The way their shoulders, backs and arm muscles work when paddling. That mom pushing the stroller – you go girl! I admire a woman who does triathlons with me – she has a “pooch” on her belly, but she also has 6 kids!
    I sometimes look at my now saggy belly and frown, but then think of what went on under that belly and then, I give it a little love-tap. I am grateful my husband understands and wish more men would appreciate that. I may be pudgy right now, I will never be ripped (nor do I want to be) but I can carry my own weight in any physical activity.

  4. I don’t aspire to look like either of the women in these photos. A woman should have curves and softness. As my friend used to say, “a woman needs a little more cushion for the pushin.” Most men I know would agree with this sentiment. :)

  5. Ha I’d love to see the pot bellied balding man who said that. Typical! Now there I go making assumptions as well… maybe he likes his little round belly, perhaps the lack of hair keeps him cooler in the summer. Maybe that is the “perfect man!”