The Lie about Affirmations

We hear a lot about the importance of “positive affirmations.”

Just about every self-help guru out there talks about them. Heck, I talk about them.

But there’s a common lie that many people believe about affirmations and you need to be careful not to fall into this trap.

This is it:

Affirmations are often verbal gimmicks aimed at refuting what’s really going on. They don’t reflect reality; they distort it.

Now, please hear me out on this and then tell me if you agree or disagree.

Perhaps you say to yourself today, “I’m going to make a lot of money.” Or, “I’m going to lose a lot of weight.”

Says who? In real life, you really don’t know for sure if you’ll make a lot of money or lose a lot of weight today.

Realistically, all you can say (on both things) is, “I’m going to work really hard today.”

And you don’t need an affirmation for that! You just need to DO IT.

The outcome at the end of today will reflect your efforts NOT your affirmations.

As Dr. Baker in What Happy People Know says, “Affirmations are usually just a way of whistling past the graveyard.”

Of course, I’m not saying to think negatively today. You should certainly be positive about what you seek to accomplish.

But don’t think that your positive affirmations will just make things happen. YOU must make things happen.

So get out and lose the weight, make the money, and accomplish all you set out to do.

And let me know what you think about what I’ve said.

Feel free to post your comment below.

Committed to your success,