2010 Fall Fitness Challenge

A BIG congratulations to all of the 2010 Fall Fitness Challenge participants who finished the 8 week challenge.  I’m very proud of you all and I just loved seeing all of the improvements from your fitness tests!

And a special CONGRATS to the 3 Winners of the Challenge:

Kristen – 1st Place

Stacy – 2nd Place

Bethany – 3rd Place

Enjoy their stories and give them major kudos for their commitment to changing their lifestyles!  WOOHOO!  Great work, ladies!

Kristen – “It is so exciting to be one of the winners of the fall fitness challenge.  Hard work has paid off. I feel amazing after 8 weeks.  I can actually fit into clothes comfortably and look into the mirror with confidence.  Big challenges for me were putting the commitment to go to class 3-4 times a week and watching what I was eating.  After I started a routine of what days would work best for me to attend class,  I became adapted to it.  If I missed a class on my day planned I always tried to figure out what night I can make up for it.   As far as eating habits, I learn to be more alert and conscious of things that I was eating.  I’ve seen a huge difference in things that I ate and how they made me feel:  tried and sick.  I figured the food that was making me feel that way was not worth the hard work I put into working out, boot camp and most of all my health.  One thing I have learned is that it is easy to give up, but when you tough things out you get great results! I like the fact that now I know my body and mind can take a challenge.  The thing I liked the most is the challenge that I faced each class.  After the first class I thought there would be no way I can keep up.  Now I see the strength I gained in my body and how much better I feel everyday with lots of energy.

Thank you to Priscilla, Terri, and all coaches.  You all have helped me get back on track and motivate me every time I see you.

Stacy – “I knew it was high time for me to start thinking about fitness and muscle tone as I entered my forties, but I could not get motivated to stick to any programs for more than a couple of weeks.  I had started hiking each weekend and that was good for some cardio and getting outside, but I knew that I needed some strength training to help with bones and muscles and I needed to find an activity that I could do year round.  So, my friend Bethany said that she was having a great time with the Boot Camp group she had joined.  I was not convinced, but when she told me about the great deal on the fitness challenge, I thought I would give it a try.  The first few weeks were a struggle.  I was out of shape, the worst one in the class, and had never pushed myself before.  In a couple more weeks, I started seeing that I was getting a bit more toned in my legs and arms, but I had been dieting also, so I was not sure if the Boot Camp was responsible for that.  I felt like some of the exercises were getting easier and chalked that up to just knowing how to make the movements, but by about the 6th week, I started really seeing improvement.  I could keep up with the other girls while doing cardio and I was able to do full sit-ups!  And lots of them!  Seeing the progress in my strength and ability was really more impressive that the weight loss I was seeing and it made me feel like I am doing the right thing for my body and myself to ensure that I am building a healthy foundation for my later years!   I feel stronger, healthier and even sleep better, which is huge for me!  I am so excited to continue the Boot Camp trainings to continue to improve my strength!”

Bethany – “I started with MissFits late in the summer because I was looking for something to get me back into a healthier lifestyle.  While I was just planning to do a month trial, I quickly became addicted to the challenges presented each week at camp.  From day one, I was made to feel like I’d been part of the group forever and the encouragement of the coaches – Ryan and Priscilla – made me want to come back even though I was so out of shape I couldn’t sit down the next day.

After the first month was up, I decided to take part in the Fall Fitness Challenge to continue pushing myself physically and improve my overall health.  Not only did I finish in the top three (which was better than I expected) but my energy improved, I lost weight and inches, and noticed I was getting stronger each week.  I’m so glad I pushed myself to do the boot camp. After eight weeks I’m feeling better about myself and know I can reach my goals if I stick with boot camp.

The biggest take-away for me was learning how to eat better.  I’ve tried other diets, but they always felt like diets.  Learning how to eat without spiking my blood sugar too high after the RESET (by Usana Health Sciences) really helped.  I’m selecting better foods that will satisfy me and that won’t create cravings for other “bad” stuff.

Weird as it may sound, I like the RESET best!  It was easy for me and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my eating habits and my food choices…thus resulting in more energy, fat loss, and improved fitness.

While we’re on the holiday break, I’m going to miss going to camp, but I know I’ll be one of the few who will actually lose weight this season!  Can’t wait to get back with all the girls after the first of the year!”

2010 Fall Fitness Challenge Participants:

Pictures are in the same order as names. From left to right: Amber, Bethany, Jenny, Jessica, Jill, Kristen, Mechelle, Stacy, Stephanie.