Company Info

"The Triethelion"

What does Holistic Health’s logo represent?

First, it’s a circle, symbolizing wholeness as well as the cycle of cause and effect.  We make both good and bad decisions in life, and each have their consequences.  The lines that break the circle represent YOU, community, and God – all who put effort into the cycle to change and break cause and effect.  Holistic Health’s mission is to help you achieve wholeness through good decisions!‡

Second, within the circle you have a triangle whose components each represent a part of you:  Body, Mind, and Spirit.  These also correlate to the three emphases in our program:  Fitness, Nutrition, and Body Image.  In order to be wholly (completely) healthy, you must be balanced in your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  For example, your nutrition habits must align with your fitness goals, both of which are affected by the feelings you have when you look in the mirror.

At Holistic Health, it is important for our coaching program to empower you to be healthy in every area.

‡At its core, Holistic Health is a CWC (Christian Worldview Company).  While we do not require that you maintain the same beliefs as the Founder, we do ask that you respect the company’s values and mission.  No matter what you believe, we know that you will benefit greatly from our programs and look forward to sharing in your success.