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Recovery Week Workout – Show Off Stomach

Hi MissFits!

To support our “Concrete Core” them for our Recovery Week, here is your Workout of the Week – courtesy of a trainer I admire…and whose stuff I use in my own workouts!  Flavia Del Monte certainly has a “show off” stomach, and this routine is hard-core.

Let me know how you like it.  Enjoy!

Show Off Stomach


Top 10 Fat Loss Tips for Busy Women

Here’s a must-have “Top 10 Fat Loss Tips” created by the clients of one of my peers, Holly Rigsby:

Don’t wing it.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Results are what you want, so you must map out the very steps that lead to these results.  No amount of wishing, hoping or praying can make up for the lack of a plan.  Planning is most important FIRST STEP you can take for doing so allows you to create the road map for your success – for fast and the lasting success.

The scale is just a number – NOT your value or self worth. At the start of a true fat loss plan, the scale cannot measure the amount of fat lost as you gain lean muscle.  It’s best to stay off the scale and use your clothes – especially your skinny jeans – to see and appreciate the loss of inches as you reshape your body.

3. Social support is crucial.
If you don’t have someone to cheer you on, it’s going to be one hundred times harder than it needs to be.  This is more than just losing fat – this is changing the way you take care of you – the way you live….and there is NO reason why you should have to do this on your own. Sometimes its super helpful to have someone to ask…”Is this what is supposed to be happening?” or advice on how to overcome the every day obstacles.

4. Keep a DETAILED journal
And Be Honest – no sense fooling yourself.  Writing it down helps you identify your current habits so you are aware of what changes need to take place in order to get results. Guessing or committing
habits to memory will only end up as another excuse.  Plus, not only will this provide you with a running record of what is working and what is not – it becomes an additional level of accountability – making you think twice about your choices – especially if you keep an journal online where others will read what you post!

5. Think Positive
Some days are harder than others.  When you have a bad day, forgive yourself for the mistakes you made and move on.  No one is perfect – and no one NEEDS to be in order to get results. This is more of a matter of knowing what to do when the going gets tough so you do not flounder and get off track.

6. Consistency
Plain and simple – Consistency = Results.  You must take action each and every day and follow through.  The habits and tasks needed to successfully achieve fat loss are things that ANYONE can do ~ it’s just that the successful person does them CONSISTENTLY.

7. Keep only supportive food on hand.
Restock your kitchen with foods that support fat loss and increased energy and make sure you eat enough of it. Your environment supports your habits.

8. Be teachable
Don’t ever think you know it all or know better. Be open to try a new approach.

9. Look for inspiration wherever possible
Be an inspiration magnet!  Reach out to your support system, get encouragement when needed, give it every chance you get, look for quotes, create vision boards, make a goals list of things that really get you excited and read it often.

10. Take it day by day
This is a journey….not a destination. Enjoy the process!

These are GREAT tips!  I suggest that you post them on your refrigerator and cement them into your mind.  The more you apply them, the more you will be successful on your journey.  But remember, work on one of them at a time… which one is your biggest challenge?  Which one will you focus on applying in your life this week?  Let me know below!

Committed to your success,


Camp MissFits Spring Break Workout

Here’s a simple workout you can do this Spring.  Ask a friend to do it with you and have fun with it by “competing” against each other to see who can do the most reps per minute.

Total duration: 16 Minutes (if you don’t rest…good luck!)  The goal is to move immediately from one exercise to the next.

Instructions: Go through the routine at 60 seconds per exercise and then do it again for 45 seconds per exercise (and again for 30 seconds if you’ve got more energy to burn!)

You can do this workout 3 days a week.  However, I encourage you to do 20 minutes of interval cardio on your “off” days.

Remember your warm-up!

8 Minute Upper Body/Ab Circuit (60 seconds per exercise)

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Pushups
  3. Plank
  4. Pushup & Twist (in pushup position, bring one knee to opposite elbow & switch)
  5. Situps
  6. Pushups (Advanced:  if you have a ball, do pushups with your hands on the ball)
  7. Reverse Plank (Lay face up and prop yourself up either on your forearms or on your hands, straight-armed. Advanced:  Straighten legs in front of you.  Beginner:  Keep knees bent).
  8. Jumping Jacks

Water break!

8 Minute Lower Body/Ab Circuit (60 seconds per exercise)

  1. Squat Jumps
  2. Jump Lunges (in lunge position, jump to switch legs, or Reverse Lunges for low impact)
  3. Speed Squats  (keeping feet shoulder-width apart, squat to as close of a 90 degree angle as possible, as fast as you can)
  4. Skaters (transferring weight from one foot to another, swing arms in a sweeping motion in front of you)
  5. Squat Jacks (combo of a squat and jumping jack)
  6. Single Leg Hip Extension (can be done on a ball, Picnic bench or chair)
  7. Plié Squats, Short Pulses (turn toes outward and stand farther than shoulder width apart.  Do small presses/pulses in the squatted position).
  8. Squat Jumps

Don’t forget to cool-down and stretch!

If you need help or have any questions on these exercises, please email me at or call me at 720-951-0101.  Work out hard this week and I look forward to hearing how it goes!

I’m committed to your success!  :)


Pump Pumpkins (Show 9 News how it’s done)

Fun day!  I’ve been wanting to train somebody at the news station for YEARS and I finally got my chance!  :)

Pumping Up with Pumpkins