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Final Week! Are you a Winner?

Hello Challengers!

You have made it to your final week! A HUGE congrats to all of you for working so hard during these 7 weeks. What do you plan to do after the Challenge is over??? What will you continue to work on and how do you intend stay focused on your goals long-term? Let us know so we can all encourage you as you complete one chapter of your journey and begin the next!

We look forward to seeing you this Friday at 6:00 PM for our Transformation Challenge PARTY and AWARDS!!! :)

Week #6: Beware of Self-Sabotage

Home Stretch, Challengers! For Week #6, we will be focusing on Self-Sabotage. Certain thoughts left unnoticed can single-handedly undermine everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Beware! This week, share in the comments below on beliefs, habits, and hangups you have noticed that have hurt your past healthy efforts. Let’s work together to “re-wire” our minds and achieve life-long success!

Week #5: Guarantee Your Long Term Success

Hi Challengers!

Whew, with all of the Pumpkin Boot Camp craziness and Halloween behind us, this week seems pretty quiet! This week our focus is on you achieving LONG TERM Success. Losing weight is actually easy. Keeping it OFF and maintaining healthy life-long habits is the challenge! What do you plan to do to succeed long-term?

Week #4! Eat Out & Still Eat Healthy!

Hello Transformers!

Welcome to Week #4! You are more than half way through the Challenge and you’re all doing GREAT! This week we focus on enjoying restaurant-dining without sabotaging your diet. Often, we’re seeing great results and then we go out over the weekend…and gain two pounds! So, what will you do this week to enjoy your social life, stick with your goals, yet not deprive yourself? Come to our nutrition class or watch it online and learn simple strategies that Coach Terri and I use to stay on track!