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Week #7: Beware of Self-Sabotage!

Home Stretch, Challengers!

For our final week, will are focusing on Self-Sabotage.  Certain thoughts left unnoticed can single-handedly undermine everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.  Beware!

This week, share in the comments below on beliefs, habits, and hangups you have noticed that have hurt your past healthy efforts.  Let’s work together to “re-wire” our minds and achieve life-long success!

FINISH WELL, ladies!  We’re rooting for all of you and know that you’re ALL winners simply by finishing what you began 6 weeks ago!  :)

Week #6 – The Big Deal on Digestion

Hi ladies!

It’s all downhill from here – week 6 already!  Only two weeks left!

And this week we’re going to shift our focus from weight loss and goal-setting, to something that can really affect our long-term results and overall well-being:  your digestive health.

Did you know you could have up to 15 pounds of toxins in your intestines?  That belly bulge may not be all fat!  Food allergies, bloating, and toxins in your diet may all be hindering your weight loss.

This week, we’ll discuss how to get rid of nagging digestive “issues”, identify food allergies, and detoxify your diet.

Please report on your progress below!  Share how you’re doing, what you plan to improve upon this week, and what you’re committed to doing (i.e. showing up to 3 camps, our nutrition class, journaling your food intake, etc).

Let’s make it an awesome Week #6!

Week #5: Long-Term Success Strategies

Hi ladies!

When it comes to establishing healthy habits, is it easier to develop a habit…or to maintain that healthy habit for years, decades, and the rest of your life?

We all know that it’s the rest of our lives that it’s challenging to plan for, right?  ;)

This week, we’re focusing on the Top Success Strategies to ensure your long-term success.

I’ll be sharing my best strategies with you.  How about you?  What are you working on?

Also, please share with the group on the strategies that you’ve been able to make a part of your daily life.

Let’s support one another as we reach our goals this week!

Week #4: Eating Out & Eating Healthy

Hi ladies!

You’re already at the half way point, can you believe it???

How are you doing?  This is now when the going gets tough…and since you’re all tough, I expect you to get going!

NO QUITTERS or HALF-HEARTED attempts at reaching your goals, k?

This week, we’ll be focusing on success strategies for eating out.

Be sure to share your struggles and your successes and let’s support each other!