Week #7: Beware of Self-Sabotage!

Home Stretch, Challengers!

For our final week, will are focusing on Self-Sabotage.  Certain thoughts left unnoticed can single-handedly undermine everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.  Beware!

This week, share in the comments below on beliefs, habits, and hangups you have noticed that have hurt your past healthy efforts.  Let’s work together to “re-wire” our minds and achieve life-long success!

FINISH WELL, ladies!  We’re rooting for all of you and know that you’re ALL winners simply by finishing what you began 6 weeks ago!  :)


  1. I can’t believe our challenge is over. I had the same thoughts as Robyn and Marycarol after my “weigh in” tonight, but instead of lasagne I made my self a stuffed pepper with quinoa, black beans, and other yummy veggies; I’m finally at a healthy BMI and want to stay that way! My worst self sabotage is an adult beverage or two, I only drink once maybe twice a week but when I have a two drinks then I want to eat; like drinking isn’t bad enough. This has been a wonderful experience and it has been a pleasure working out with you ladies and look forward to more in the future!

  2. Wow! Can’t believe the time has come. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in the classroom for orientation and I’m sitting there thinking to myself, “What did I get myself in to?” Robyn I did the same thing when I got home to eat after weighing in, it took a lot but I went for the greek yogurt instead of celebrating with something bad. Marycarol, I am so glad you talked to your husband because you had just accomplished so much and needed to celebrate! Patricia, I had a pop two weeks ago (which used to be my big cheater!) and I felt so sick, happy that my body is finally telling me no! This whole experience has been so awesome for me! When I got sick in January I knew I was going to have to make some drastic changes but I didn’t know how. Thankfully my friend invited me to the American Heart benefit and Priscilla got me to join! This has been the best workout program I have been a part of because of all the support that we get! The coaches focus on our level and push us to be better. I have had a great time getting to know all you ladies in the challenge, you all have been very supportive! The best part is that I had results and it wasn’t from some crazy diet, it was from eating right and exercising which is a way of life!

  3. OK – Self Sabatoge in action. After the weigh in, measurements, etc… got the wow.. this challenge is pretty much over. Now I can go celebrate and eat to my hearts content (no one is looking over your shoulder now). Got home from the workout, thought about it.. thought about the class we just went to.. ugh!!! and said you know.. nope.. not going to do it. Still on the journey of a lifetime, why screw it up now? (plus it wasn’t my cheat day). Instead, had two poached eggs, slice of toast and a banana with some strawberries. That is the way to start the day. Now onward to the next goal… End of July… still thinking of what I want it to be..

    This challenge has been great. Met some great ladies, good encourgagement, enthuisiam… Thanks!!!

  4. So, we weigh in this morning and get measured. I am thrilled with my new numbers. What to I want to do to celebrate – Have a cup of crappachino!!!!! ARGHHH! I did not do it. thought about it, thought about it a lot. Decided to reward myself with a future purchase of some hot non-mom jeans!! oh yeah.
    I’m working very hard on getting all food off the counters and behind closed doors. I tend to grab some almonds, just walking by the bag on the counter. Bag now in pantry all zipper sealed. Will need to go out of my way for any more.
    It also helped to get some feelings out in the open. I was dwelling on the fact that my husband has not made any comment on my weight/inches lost. He has never been very expressive so I don’t know why that should change now. Typically I would dwell on something “not said” and let it fester and then I would literally feed that emotion. Today I asked him if he noticed any change and he said he did but didn’t think at the time to say anything. I guess he was focusing on our “dirty dancing” at the moment. I can forgive him, but I’m glad I asked for the compliment instead of dwelling for days on it.
    Last, I will probably change my radio station to one that does not advertise for Blue Bell Ice Cream.

  5. I think my WORST self sabotage is eating at night, or sweets here and there. I have cut down considerable, but not completely. I’ve noticed that if I eat something, shall we say, not so good for me, it dosen’t settle right in the tummy, so thats a good deterrant to eating crap. I have to say this has been quite a learning experience for me. I appriciate all the coaches and my fellow misfits giving me the encouragement to keep going! Thanks to everyone!! (: