Week #4: Eating Out & Eating Healthy

Hi ladies!

You’re already at the half way point, can you believe it???

How are you doing?  This is now when the going gets tough…and since you’re all tough, I expect you to get going!

NO QUITTERS or HALF-HEARTED attempts at reaching your goals, k?

This week, we’ll be focusing on success strategies for eating out.

Be sure to share your struggles and your successes and let’s support each other!


  1. Wow, time flies…I can make it through the workout(s) and feel stronger overall. I’ve enjoyed catching the nutrition classes online. Some of it is stuff that I should know and others things I am learning about. As far as eating out, the main time when do is the weekends normally I have meals planned out during the week. I like knowing the healthier alternatives at places like garbanzo,tokyo joes, and chipotle and what to avoid when we go there. The hard thing is going to a new restaurant where you don’t know the menu and have to rely on your knowledge of food and what to avoid there.

  2. I have a hard time eating out and not overeating. Let alone touching the bread basket. This last class was great. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner this week. I love their Sweet potato and their bread. Didn’t touch either. Had a 6 ounce steak, dinner salad, with a TSP of dressing on it and side of steamed veggies. Then you always have Priscilla chriping in your ear while eating.. It was great.

  3. Hi all! I think my hardest thing about the whole process is not eating out. My kids are all grown up and it’s just my husband & me so we tend to just grab something quick most of the time. However I’ve been trying very hard NOT to eat out. If it arises that I do go to a restaurant I try to choose from the “lighter fare” menu, or I will get a salad or something small. I even have asked the wait staff for their ingreadents and how they prepare the food. (: Also I do not order soft drinks, mostly I drink iced tea without sugar, add a lemon. I try to drink more than eat more the tea or water really fills you up!