Week #6 – The Big Deal on Digestion

Hi ladies!

It’s all downhill from here – week 6 already!  Only two weeks left!

And this week we’re going to shift our focus from weight loss and goal-setting, to something that can really affect our long-term results and overall well-being:  your digestive health.

Did you know you could have up to 15 pounds of toxins in your intestines?  That belly bulge may not be all fat!  Food allergies, bloating, and toxins in your diet may all be hindering your weight loss.

This week, we’ll discuss how to get rid of nagging digestive “issues”, identify food allergies, and detoxify your diet.

Please report on your progress below!  Share how you’re doing, what you plan to improve upon this week, and what you’re committed to doing (i.e. showing up to 3 camps, our nutrition class, journaling your food intake, etc).

Let’s make it an awesome Week #6!


  1. I think the most important item I have learned so far is to listen to my body. The night before I started the RESET program I went out to eat with my family. Looking at it as my “last” meal I made some poor choices from the menu. I paid the price later that night. I was actually grateful in the morning to only have my shake for breakfast. I had changed my eating habits a few weeks before that fateful meal and was amazed at my body’s new response to unhealthy food. A few days after my RESET had finished was Easter and my designated cheat day. Cheated with a dinner roll and thought I was going to explode! My body has carried me thru some tough physical and emotional challenges. I need to respect it and listen to it.
    I apologize for not blogging as I should have. Sometimes I overthink and by the time my thought are in order the blog for the week would be closed! When the challenge is over I will continue to tract my food. I need to put my snack bag together. I wish I learned about myfitnesspal long ago. I look forward to more boot camps. All the women I have met have added something to my life and I thank them all.

  2. These past few weeks have just flown by. One thing I have commited to was the working out at least three – five times a week. The Journaling part of it, not so good. I need to get better at that. I guesss you can say, I get lazy. Need some improvement on that aspect of it. The nutrition classes have been great, tons of information to soak in. This is a life long journey. Sometimes you want to slack on it. Eating all the bad stuff, not working out. It is hard at times to stay on track. When you veer off the track, you gotta think of ways to pull you back on it again. I like the idea of a cheat day. That is very helpful. That is the day you can kind of go a bit wild. This is a journey you have to keep working on for the rest of your life. When you do work on it and stick to it at least 90 – 95% of the time, it feels great for your mind/body/soul. This week I am trying the lemon water with cayenne pepper. The first drink I made had way to much of the cayenne pepper in it. I also bought the coconut water at the store. I think that tastes better then the lemon water combo, not by much. My weight has pretty much stayed constant.. so I hope at the end of this portion of the journey, I lost some inches. Even if I didn’t, this has helped me feel better about myself and and great bit of confidence booster.

  3. Wow we’re almost done ( or have we only just begun our journry?)! Last nights class was really eye opening about our bodies digestion and how it works or dosen’t work well at times because our our eating habits. This last week has been up and down for me, I don’t like the rest week I want to keep going, it seems harder for me to get back into the groove, but I digress… All in all I think I doing okay. (:

  4. These last two weeks have been super stressful for me. School is kicking my butt and my grandma has been in and out of the hospital. I haven’t been tracking my food everyday and have caved on less than healthy foods because I’ve been in the go so much. These last two weeks I will track everything and I have actually just started the Reset program from Usana today to clear my body of the toxins. I’m excited to be back at camp because it’s good not only for my body but my mind!!