Week 3: Cut Costs & Calories at the Supermarket!

Hello ladies!

It’s Week #3 and we’re going to have a fantastic week!

This week our focus is on becoming wise shoppers at the supermarket. People often say that eating healthy is expensive. That isn’t necessarily true.

Our nutrition strategy session will be Supermarket Saver: Cutting Costs & Calories. You will become very savvy at shopping in a way that helps your waistline and wallet!

And be sure to join our Supermarket tour on Tuesday! We extended the St. Patty’s 50% Off Special through today so invite a friend or family member to join you!

They can still register here: http://supermarketsaver.eventbrite.com

Please share this week on how you plan to improve your shopping habits so you move closer to your goals! Comment below. Have a great week!


  1. I rarely make a list when I shop and then end up with more than I planned or needed! I also have a problem of shopping when I’m hungry (cause I’m out of food and run to the store!). I just got back from a mini vacation in the adult disneyland (las vegas) and my fridge is empty, so I have started making a list and will actually stick to it when I go shopping tonight after bootcamp, this way I won’t be tempted to buy anything else especially after working out! I usually stick with lots of produce and meats but like Robyn said I need to pre cut and package them to I can just grab and go on my way to school or work. I now know what I don’t need to waste my money on when it comes to buying organic.

  2. The thing I find most helpful when shopping is making a list of things I need and sticking to it. This keeps me from going down the aisles with those not so good for you items. Interestingly enough, when I make a list, 95% of the items I need aren’t even on an aisle but on the outer perimeter of the store.

  3. Ok… Patricia – I would love to try your homemade tacos.. they sound yummy!! I think I am going to improve my shopping habits by planning, planning, planning and couponing. We tend to buy tons of fruits and veggies. Our problem at home is finding the time to cut them up and eat them. My daughter yesterday was bored, so she cut up our fruit and made a fruit salad (yummy). I think we are gong to try and cut up our fruits and veggies so they are easily accessible. I am also going to more label reading and purchase less processed foods.

  4. Well, I’ve been trying to buy organic, which in some stores is very difficult (King Soopers; Evans and Flordia). I asked the store manager for some specfic brands and he said that they designed the store with a hispanic demographic, so IF they did have these products it would be sparenly! Can you believe it the whole store is designed with alot of unhealthy choices, because of it’s demographic location?!! I was raised in the hispanic culture and there are definate ways that one can make culturally acceptable meals that are also really good for you! It’s all in what you put into it, and most people can’t even tell the difference. I personally make homemade tacos that are really healthy for you, with lots of vegies and whole grain tortillas, and fresh homemade salsa. It’s great!