How A Woman Should Look

Over the weekend, I was browsing around different fitness blogs. A post of one fitness expert really caught me by surprise. I was disappointed to see the “behind the scenes” videos of her recent photo shoot.

This expert, whom I’ll call Sarah in order to protect her reputation (because this week’s post aside, I’ve always admired her), filmed a video explaining the process of getting photo-ready. As she was talking, she was getting extensions clipped into her hair. She also noted how long it took to get her make-up done and that she got spray-tanned.

Sarah looked amazing, with her chiseled abs popping out for all to admire. Who would blame her for getting her hair and makeup done so she’d look her absolute best for the shoot? We know that all models spend a lot of time primping before their photos are taken, so this wasn’t what bothered me most (since it’s just what you do in the industry).

What really upset me was one comment that a fan posted in response to her video. I should mention that it is a GUY who said this: “You look perfect! Just like a woman should look!”

If, as a woman, you saw Sarah’s physique, you might indeed say to yourself, “I wish I looked like her.” However, Sarah does NOT look the way all women should look! (Especially considering her spray tan, make-up, and hair extensions, on top of her low body fat and “competition ready” body)!

For one thing, most women cannot devote the hours of training and extremely restricted eating regimen required in order to attain 15% body fat for a chiseled body.

Second, “perfect” is pretty much impossible for women to attain. And (sorry guys), leave it to a man to say that it’s how a woman should look!

A woman should look healthy, strong, and vibrant. This can mean different things to different women. If a woman looks fit but has a little belly bulge or a few pounds to lose or a few wrinkles and gray hair (or perhaps lots of them), this doesn’t mean that she isn’t beautiful.

Women shouldn’t allow themselves to compare their figures to the hot air-brushed models on magazine covers, or even the perfect-looking fitness celebrities whose careers depend upon their toned physiques.

Women should define “healthy” with how they feel – both physically and emotionally. Perfection is a body destination to which we’ll never arrive, so we must learn to be content while we’re on the journey towards a healthier, fitter body.

You define how YOU should look. Don’t let magazines, men, your mother, or even fitness experts tell you what that is.

Committed to your success,


The Lie about Affirmations

We hear a lot about the importance of “positive affirmations.”

Just about every self-help guru out there talks about them. Heck, I talk about them.

But there’s a common lie that many people believe about affirmations and you need to be careful not to fall into this trap.

This is it:

Affirmations are often verbal gimmicks aimed at refuting what’s really going on. They don’t reflect reality; they distort it.

Now, please hear me out on this and then tell me if you agree or disagree.

Perhaps you say to yourself today, “I’m going to make a lot of money.” Or, “I’m going to lose a lot of weight.”

Says who? In real life, you really don’t know for sure if you’ll make a lot of money or lose a lot of weight today.

Realistically, all you can say (on both things) is, “I’m going to work really hard today.”

And you don’t need an affirmation for that! You just need to DO IT.

The outcome at the end of today will reflect your efforts NOT your affirmations.

As Dr. Baker in What Happy People Know says, “Affirmations are usually just a way of whistling past the graveyard.”

Of course, I’m not saying to think negatively today. You should certainly be positive about what you seek to accomplish.

But don’t think that your positive affirmations will just make things happen. YOU must make things happen.

So get out and lose the weight, make the money, and accomplish all you set out to do.

And let me know what you think about what I’ve said.

Feel free to post your comment below.

Committed to your success,


That which doesn’t kill you…

…how does it end?

If you said: “makes you stronger” you are correct.

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzche said this over 100 years ago in reference to

And what a stupid idea. Sorry, but let me tell you how I really feel. ;)

Suffering might make you stronger – or it might result in such a miserably weak
life in which you may be alive, but you wish you weren’t.

I don’t say this to be a downer (since of course, I see it as my responsibility
to inspire you).

Here’s my point: Whether you become stronger from suffering (i.e. dealing with
pain, loss, hurt, and all the terrible crap that life sometimes throws your
way) or you become weaker from suffering all depends on this…

How you respond to it.

If, for example, you respond to the negative stuff of life with a “why does
this always happen to me?” attitude, you will become weaker.

If you blame someone else for your problems at work, home, or in your
relationship, you will become weaker.

If, rather than focusing on your strengths in overcoming obstacles to your
fitness, career, or financial goals, you fixate on your faults, you will become

Your problems and trials in life may not kill you – but they may not make you
stronger either.

You have a choice every day on how you’re going to respond to them.

And while I’m often focused on health, know that this principle applies to
every area of your life.

Choose to respond with courage and power, not blame-shifting, a victim
mentality, or fixation on faults – which make you weak.

That’s when you’ll find the strength to get through whatever life hands to you.

What do you think? I’d like to hear your thoughts about this so please respond below.

Committed to your success,


Week #7: Beware of Self-Sabotage!

Home Stretch, Challengers!

For our final week, will are focusing on Self-Sabotage.  Certain thoughts left unnoticed can single-handedly undermine everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.  Beware!

This week, share in the comments below on beliefs, habits, and hangups you have noticed that have hurt your past healthy efforts.  Let’s work together to “re-wire” our minds and achieve life-long success!

FINISH WELL, ladies!  We’re rooting for all of you and know that you’re ALL winners simply by finishing what you began 6 weeks ago!  :)

Week #6 – The Big Deal on Digestion

Hi ladies!

It’s all downhill from here – week 6 already!  Only two weeks left!

And this week we’re going to shift our focus from weight loss and goal-setting, to something that can really affect our long-term results and overall well-being:  your digestive health.

Did you know you could have up to 15 pounds of toxins in your intestines?  That belly bulge may not be all fat!  Food allergies, bloating, and toxins in your diet may all be hindering your weight loss.

This week, we’ll discuss how to get rid of nagging digestive “issues”, identify food allergies, and detoxify your diet.

Please report on your progress below!  Share how you’re doing, what you plan to improve upon this week, and what you’re committed to doing (i.e. showing up to 3 camps, our nutrition class, journaling your food intake, etc).

Let’s make it an awesome Week #6!

Week #5: Long-Term Success Strategies

Hi ladies!

When it comes to establishing healthy habits, is it easier to develop a habit…or to maintain that healthy habit for years, decades, and the rest of your life?

We all know that it’s the rest of our lives that it’s challenging to plan for, right?  ;)

This week, we’re focusing on the Top Success Strategies to ensure your long-term success.

I’ll be sharing my best strategies with you.  How about you?  What are you working on?

Also, please share with the group on the strategies that you’ve been able to make a part of your daily life.

Let’s support one another as we reach our goals this week!

Week #4: Eating Out & Eating Healthy

Hi ladies!

You’re already at the half way point, can you believe it???

How are you doing?  This is now when the going gets tough…and since you’re all tough, I expect you to get going!

NO QUITTERS or HALF-HEARTED attempts at reaching your goals, k?

This week, we’ll be focusing on success strategies for eating out.

Be sure to share your struggles and your successes and let’s support each other!